Saturday, June 25, 2011

The fire alarm went off the other day. So we dutifully got out of the building. I noticed two young women sitting on the grass with ... a rabbit, a beautiful big rabbit. Many of the residents have pets, but I've only seen the dogs and cats. So I joined the girls and they let me pet the rabbit. Let me tell you, I never looked at rabbits twice, but this one was the sweetest creature in the world.

It reminded me of my childhood, and a song my aunt used to sing to me along with gestures telling the story. It went like this:

In a cottage in a wood
A little man by the window stood
When a rabbit (la la la, I forget the words)
Knocking at the door.
Help me, help me, help, he said
All the hunters shoot me dead.
Come little rabbit, come to me,
Happy you shall be.

And it inspired this work in progress.

Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon.


  1. the window stood.

    ~~~saw a rabbit running by
    frightened as could be.~~~


    something like that...

    {{ i bet kevin bacon
    would know all the words
    he is cool like that...
    i could be wrong }}

    Loving your bunny*work!

  2. okay this is
    the version i learned.
    little cottage in the wood
    little man by the window stood
    saw a rabbit passing by
    Knocking at the door.
    Help me, help me, help, he cried
    before the hunters shoot me dead.
    Come little rabbit, come to me,
    Happy you shall be.

    thanks for the memory!!!

  3. what a cute story! I used to have an albino pet rabbit (he even had the creepy red eyes) named "Harvey"...I was only 6 1/2, and I loved harvey up until a certain point.....until he scratched me and layed my chin open (still have the small scar to this day!) and my parents got rid of him shortly thereafter...and for a long time I was completely repelled by rabbits until recently, I started to love them again! I don't know why, but they just seem cute, even those jack rabbits with the huge ears, I have huge eared rabbits that hang out in my back yard all the time now! I still don't think I will ever own another rabbit ever again, but my hatred for them suddenly turned into a strong fondness!

  4. This is the version I know :)
    In a cabin, in a wood,
    Little man by the window stood,
    Saw a rabbit hopping by
    Knocking at his door.
    Help me! Help me!
    The rabbit said.
    For the hunter will shoot me dead.
    Little rabbit come inside,
    Here you may abide.

  5. Anonymous8:38 p.m.

    The rabbit was always "frightened as can be" in my childhood version. I mean, who wouldn't be with a huntsman chasing you with a shot gun? Actually most of those old nursery rhymes had violent themes? These days they would be given an M rating. haha

  6. Hope it was a mere false alarm, Colette. Anyways, you got to pet a nice rabbit (glad he didn't bite - they can have be surprisingly a bit nasty sometimes).


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