Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's child

I've written about antique, tattered, mended little canvas bags before. I've seen the real thing in a collection and it's fair to say I was completely smitten by the look. To me they are art. I've made my own bags from antique cloth etc., but this time I started with a brand-new white canvas bag I found at Michaels.

I coffee-dyed two bags, removed the nylon cord, and let them dry. Then I scrunched the bottom, added a little rough stitching; next, I poked a hole through the canvas and darned it. Finally, I heat-transferred images and stamped numbers and words with rubber stamps and ink.


Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon.


  1. Oh my..... what an impressive and precious result! Bravo. xo

  2. Chills, my friend, chills...

  3. OH, I love this! I'd love to see several, all hanging on the wall together, hung with clothespins! Lovely!

    Oh, and I don't mind you gushing about my daughter one bit- ha ha!!


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