Thursday, April 07, 2011

Project completed. Stitching something this big turned me into a contortionist -- the linen background is about 22 inches long. I realized too late that I could have done the embroidery before stitching the collar down on the background... Attaching the cabinet card was a little tricky; as I didn't want to punch holes in it, nor did I want to use glue. Strictly needle and thread.

Everything on this quilt is vintage or antique, and has been part of someone's life. Someone handspun the background linen, someone sewed this piece of clothing and someone wore it, someone posed for the cabinet photo, and someone took the photograph. I hope I've done them justice.


  1. Colette,
    I love this. It is soft and gentle and nostalgic without being too much...not treacle-ish!

  2. Colette, this is so beautiful,especially love the idea behind the work.

    Sue (Messie Jessie)x

  3. This is so soft, serene and gorgeous~! It evokes a timeless appeal that is soothing to the soul~xXx

  4. This is simply luscious.

  5. Awesome! It needs to be in a very special place...........LOVE it!


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