Saturday, March 26, 2011

I dream of jeannie

What a lovely time we had.
She went straight to the kitchen and made googly eyes at me. I wouldn't mind a biscuit or three.
I made chicken mole for us, and Jeannie got a BIG bone-shaped biscuit.
Then some snuggles. And a lot of licking on her part. And tail wagging.
Contentment is a loving dog.
I bless the day she was rescued from a Florida pound and brought to Canada.


  1. I have had a time trying to post this comment, so my apologies if you see more than one. Blogger is being crazy! I am a frequent blog follower but fail miserably at leaving comments. Had to take the time tonight because I was so taken by the pictures of your doggie friend! She looks just like my daughter's dog, Coal. Emily adopted him several years ago from an animal shelter in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He is a sweet, intelligent, and funny dog! I posted a couple of shots of him at my blog here so you could see the resemblance.

    While I am commenting, I would like to say that I so enjoy your blog and your art and thank you for taking the time to share it with the world.

  2. I just loved all your 'doglet' shots! You two look mighty pleased with yourselves as you posed for that last photo. Thanks also for the political update....oy vey, I say. xo

  3. Pure contentment in those eyes, Colette. So true! When we got our puppy last year I knew that I would love her, but didn't know I would love her as much as I do :)

  4. she is Beautiful! She looks just like a dog named "Chipper" that i used to walk..what a connection she and i had~ such deep love! x

  5. what a cute puppy! i love her! joe and I are strongly leaning towards getting a sweet puppy when it gets warmer out...we are really wanting a daschund weener dog, preferably a male...

  6. What a beautiful face and gentle spirit she has~
    I love dogs and most animals. Snakes, not so much...

  7. what a beautiful dog. my daughter is working at a shelter and brings home dogs to foster often - she falls in love with them all.

  8. What a beautiful glossy dog. Obviously happy and in excellent health.

  9. I was searching for I Dream of Jeannie pictures and your dog picture popped up. She looks exactly like my dog Coco that I had as a child. Flat coated retriever, right? She's beautiful!


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