Monday, March 28, 2011

I don't mind telling you I'm a little grumpy today. I have my reasons -- actually only one reason --  so I'm going to shut down my computer and go out and walk it off. Sometimes battling negativity takes effort. When you've done all you can do and there's nothing left but to be patient, you have to wait. Don't get me wrong; I never wait for that bus that never arrives.............

Meanwhile I've been playing with paper bags.


  1. you do the most wonderful magical creations with those every day objects...thank you much! :)

  2. I'm having a blue day; I have things I want to make and the day just drifted. Hubby came home at 1:30pm, then son and daughter has no school today.
    I can't do art, when they are all home. I'm over it...go with the flow! I hope you are better...xXx

  3. grrrr colette...sounds like we had the same kind of day...i had one of those days where i spat off at the mouth to a stranger....i had my reasons....and then i had to zip my lip and realize it isn't about winning the thoughts and reasoning belong to me. i don't have to agree with everyone.
    hope you day gets better!!!!
    i love paper bags! what is it about the really vintage ones that crumble and fade? i found a stack of vintage bags a few years ago and made collages on them....sold them all!!!! have fun!!! i'll try to shut my mouth more and walk away....patience...right. thanks for the reminder.
    hang in there

  4. well ... hoping that today arrives with a better mood .. your "playing with" should help , i like the three bags empty in your shop:)

  5. You can transform even the lowly paper bag into a thing of beauty! I hope the wind has blown in a fresh start and improved state of mind dear sweet Colette. xoxo

  6. Hope it's sunny in T.O. today, as it is here. Even more reason to go for a walk, n'est-ce pas? I'm sure it's much warmer chez toi as we still have a bit of a chill in the air but it's going to warm up soon :)


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