Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hither and thither

This week is mostly about tidying up before a short trip south next week, a little vacation courtesy of my dear friend who is wintering in Florida and is giving me a few days of warmer weather as well as her precious company.
My right arm is aching, so it's in need of a rest!

Not that work stops. Not at all. This is a detail of the third quilt. The vintage donut is one of a pile that my friend Janey gave me at Silver Bella last year. Hello Chicago!!!


  1. Wow, lots of work, I bet your arm hurts! I love these colors~ enJOY your visit, I hope you have lovely weather! xXx

  2. ooo oooooo!!! have fun in florida! I am so jealous!! haha you wouldnt want to be here right now, only 15 degrees!
    wren :)

  3. Rest that right arm and soak in that wonderful sun!
    S. R.
    "Wintering"in Mesa and Palo Alto


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