Monday, August 30, 2010

A stitch in the fabric of time

We actually got a heat alert for the city. So I went out early to do my chores, and came straight home to sit it out. I am a moderate creature; I dislike extremes, both heat and cold. Happily I have lots of things to do at home, which is also my workplace.

Today, it's stitching little pieces. I made a few for a friend in Australia, and it got me on a roll. I love this fabric because it becomes part of the whole picture.

Be good to your friends -- Kevin Bacon


  1. that is beautiful xo
    [I emailed you about my next care packages xo]

  2. It's very lovely...

  3. REceived my other things,they are lovely so thank-you. Love this lady she is beautiful.

  4. I am like you; I like medium weather, not to cold or too hot, just right~

    This is beautiful~ Love the quote, too!


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