Saturday, August 28, 2010

Saturday things

We went to the Brickworks, an organic market that I really love, thanks to Jc who goes there regularly, and roamed around sampling fruit and a fantastic chocolate cookie that was all chocolate (Spanish style) dark as sin. It was my breakfast.

There is lots of stuff for kids, and this is my favourite. It reminded me of Hobbit land.

As a child this would have thrilled me. I loved nooks and crannies in nature and was always looking for them. Of course, I was always looking for faeries too...preferably sitting on a toadstool.


  1. it reminded so of my childhood years as well. it's no doubt a favorite. thanks for sharing your saturday :-).

  2. How cool is that place??? I still look for them!

  3. I think my post just disappeared. That is so charming, Colette. What a cute little girl in there, too!

  4. How fun; I love nooks and crannies and they magic they hold! What a wonderful day and I love your sinful breakfast! Happy you had a wonderful day~

  5. How fun! My children are always creating little spaces somewhat like this- but oh my, they would love to visit !

  6. ooooh Colette!!! I love this too!!! What a wonderful little place to truly is the stuff of fairies ~ wishing you a happy week sweet friend, hugs and love, Dawn


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