Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tags encore

A dreary day but not cold. I made some more tags; they soothe me. A set of St. Patrick's Day tags with Irish postage stamps and little shamrocks. I used to watch the St. Paddy's (not Patty) parade from my rooms in Trinity College Dublin, which overlooked the main street.

And continuing my love affair with fabric gift bags and pouches, I made a quilted folder with the idea that you could put a little gift in it, or a greeting card and even a letter. The tags, having a mind of their own, made their way into the pocket and claimed it.

You can see the whole folder in my Etsy shop.


  1. Hello!! Just stopped in see what you did today...I love the tags..I'm off to your etsy shop to check things out...Cynthia Wolff

  2. love the theme and so enjoy the original stamps you own.

  3. Love all your tags for St. Patrick's Day Colette. Simple and perfect!

  4. Such an elegant idea, a letter into a fabric pouch!! A real treat for the recipient (or at least I would love to receive it!).
    I suppose I then need to put the whole thing in another envelope, but it's truly cute anyway. Might give it a try soon.
    Love the little roses too.
    Thank you for your constant inspiration, Colette!

  5. Love the little fabric folder. Inspired. Perfect. This makes lovely tags even more special.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  6. I love those tags... I think I'm gonna check your etsy store...
    I like your blog , so inspiring! Thanks to share your treasure!

    I hope you'll come to visit me, don't miss my giveaway!!!


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