Thursday, October 01, 2009


And it's unseasonably cold. But there's rain coming so it will warm up.I've been working long shifts at the bookstore, and look forward to a few days of rest and catching up with my own work.

I was helping a customer who happened to be a mystery lover like myself when I heard a commotion at the door. Schoolboys. One of them stuck his head in the door and yelled: "Books are for sissies." Then another boy followed, stuck his head in the door, and yelled: Books are for....books are for... (by now I'm really amused as he struggles to find an insult), books are.....for WORDS!"

"You betcha," I yelled back as they scampered away.

Schoolboys. You gotta love 'em. Some things never change.


  1. Gosh! It's been old here, too. We've even had a short stretch of snow! I love the change in seasons. I absolutely adore sweaters and thick, cozy woolen socks.

    i love reading your blog, my friend.

  2. what a great story; i am new to your blog and enjoying what i see.


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