Monday, September 28, 2009

September song

I get a little moody at this time of the year, end of September, with a birthday rising on the horizon (I am an October girl). It's not a "bad" moody, more of a reflective state, of my life, the year behind me and the year before me. A long chat with my friend Joy in San Diego, where I first met her a lifetime ago, brought so many memories back, of a front yard filled with hibiscus bushes, of learning to drive in a green Edsel on Mt. Hukee street, a car everyone made fun of but that was as solid as any car, and so much more. It's a friendship that's withstood time and all its tests, and I dedicate this entry to her.

Joybells, I miss you.

[Monterey Cypress, I miss you too]

Photo (c) Colette Copeland


  1. I love the month of October, of course there is sadness too because that is the month my beloved family pet member Chorizo passed on. Just think of the good things, good times and of how there will be more of that coming your way. Enjoy life to the fullest. Take care and have a great Tuesday.

  2. Lovely remembrances!

  3. Colette I haven't forgotten xx

  4. Lots to catch up on your blog Colette. You post so many gorgeous pictures of your craftwork.

    I particularly enjoyed the description of your days in the bookshop and the doodles pasted on the wall.

    October can be a bit low for some as it is the end of summer but doesn't embrace the excitement of christmas. I love autumn myself. I am a November girl and a water sign so I enjoy the mists, the crisp weather and the rain. We live in a county of beech trees and woods, so fantastic autumnal colours too.

  5. What a nice picture, fall is apon us. So you are a birthday girl this month? Happy birthday in advance! I like your music.


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