Saturday, September 26, 2009


I went to Greece yesterday. Mostly for the food; I wanted Greek groceries, and a treat I haven't had in years: loukoumades, or as some call them, honey balls, light puffy yeast pastries dipped in syrupy honey. They didn't last the trip back so I couldn't photograph them. The weather was sunny, the skies blue, and the radio played Greek music. I strolled past a restaurant that my uncle and I had had several meals in, noting with satisfaction that it was still there, and breathed in wild oregano and dried camomile flower. Among my best and delicious buys were frozen pastries filled with spinach and mizithra cheese that just needed half an hour in the oven -- none of that tiresome ubiquitous feta. Note to food people: just because you throw in some feta cheese does not make a dish Greek...

Then I got on the subway and came home. Because Greece is just a short ride away from my home.


  1. Thank you for this little visit to Greece. I love Toronto's Greek Town, and have enjoyed several delicious meals there. How lucky you are to live where you live!

  2. I ADORE loukoumades from the Athens Bistro near Logan. Mmmmm. I may have to take a little jaunt there tonight on my way home. And you've inspired me to take a little side trip to India on my next day off...:) We are lucky, aren't we?


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