Thursday, August 20, 2009

More stitching

French knots are tedious to make, especially when you want to fill a design with them. But I love them, I love how they look, I love what you can do with them. So I patiently sit and twirl my threads around the needle 20, 50, 100 times if need be because the end result is so pleasing.

I was watching a program last night about women who have made it in business against all odds, and one of them said, "It's harder than you can even imagine. There are no shortcuts. If you pay attention you can do anything you want to do." I loved her honesty -- there are no shortcuts.

No shortcuts; just a lot of hard work, a lot of passion, and belief in yourself -- and attention to detail. And when you're knocked down, get up again and keep going!


  1. Well said. Sometimes I forget that the hard work that I put into things will support me when I feel like giving up. . . I love french knots also - my fav!

  2. I too love french knots. When I was about 8 years old my grandmother (Rosa) taught me how to embroidery. French knots were my favorite, as I was able to do them properly, AND my grandmother praised me!! This was quite something, as I didn't spend much time with her, like I did with Josie. And, she only spoke German, so communication was a bit difficult.... at best =)

  3. Oh dear, I have missed so much of your blog recently. I'm sorry! I love your little stitches. I think it must be nice to work on small pieces like this, kind of free. I must try it some time!

    Carolyn x

  4. Like you, I don't believe in shortcuts...and I absolutely adore French Knots...and feather stitch, and Herringbone stitch, etc., etc. There is just something about a needle and some pretty threads!!! Let us keep loving it!!! pat


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