Saturday, August 22, 2009

The stitching continues

I continue to find interesting ways to use the french knot.

I'm practicing something new (for me): When I get overwhelmed because I have ideas swirling in my mind and I want to do 63 different things at one, I withdraw immediately. It's a very strange feeling and not entirely pleasant. I take a deep breath and tell myself that I cannot paint, stitch, draw and collage all once. And I do something else altogether different -- like chop up some field tomatoes -- 'tis the season -- for an Italian bread salad.

Today and tomorrow, I'm holding the fort at the bookstore. I'm hoping there will be new books in to while away the time between customers.......


  1. Hi Colette

    It was so lovely to hear from you today. I have been feeling a bit how you describe. I have a lot on my mind, there is a lot going on that I cannot control, I am busy, and I cannot work. I don't know what to do first and I end up doing nothing! I don't like the feeling either!

    I love your stitches and your stories of working in the book shop and I hope you find some calming peace of mind soon

    Sending a big hug x

  2. Oh Colette, I forgot earlier to say the word I think you mean is "evacuation". In wartime, children were evacuated out of London and the big cities and towns to the country, especially Devon, Cornwall and Wales

    Think: The Chronicles of Narnia

  3. I like how the stitching is coming along and that italian bread salad sounds really great. I make that every once in awhile. I love your music. Thx for sharing.

  4. Ciao Colette! Je te comprends parfaitement. Moi aussi j'ai beaucoup d'idée que j'en voudrai faire tous ensemble... mais c'est impossible! Et le temps c'est jamais assez! Et tu as raison... ce n'est pas une tres belle sensation! Mais a part tout ça j'aime bien ton noeud français! ^____^ Bises
    Ps. J'adore la tomate sur le pain! ♥

  5. You do such lovely work.

  6. French knot ?? I'm lucky I can tie my shoelaces !!

  7. Your stitching is so beautiful - it is so lovely to see. I am so glad to have discovered your blog!

    Pomona x

  8. I love the stitching. I know what you mean about wanting to do a ton of thigs gets overwhelming!


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