Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trimarchi Hair Studio

Roberto Trimarchi is an old and dear friend of mine. We go back about 25 years when I first came across a hair salon in Cumberland Mall and had my first haircut in years. Roberto worked there as a stylist. He did such a good job that I stayed with him over the years as he moved to other salons, had his heart broken, and went through a horrific experience that almost took him from us but, thankfully, it wasn't his time and he lived. He took a year off and went to Italy to travel, work, mend. He came back a stronger man, but always with that infectious love of life and gregariousness. Eventually he met his soulmate, the beautiful Rosa, and there was no one happier than I to see him happily married -- except maybe his mother!!

A few months ago, we came full circle. Roberto bought the Cumberland salon and is now his own boss. I am so very happy and proud for him.

At the north end of the mall, you turn left

And maybe you'll see this bright and cheery face. Here he's opening a box of biscotti made by his aunt; one of the benefits of a large Italian family....

But he'll probably be doing this, working his magic. His greatest magic, for me, is in the cut. When he cuts your hair, it stays fabulous even when it's growing out -- the ultimate test.

You can sit outside while you're waiting, this is the only salon I know of that has a private outdoor patio right on Yorkville Ave.

When I saw the back of his T-shirt, I thought: textile art!!!

Trimarchi Hair Studio
31 Yorkville Ave., Toronto
Ph. (416) 967-0824


  1. What a nice tribute to your Roberto! As I commented yesterday..finding a great stylist means sooo much. I am still looking!

  2. Anonymous11:17 a.m.

    Roberto is the only person I will let touch my hair! He is the best stylist there is! Congrats to you and your new home in Yorkville, I will be by soon for my cut!

  3. Anonymous11:12 a.m.

    Wow !
    I too go back some 25 years with Rob being my stylist. We have many amazing memories from fun hairdos and great parties.
    Happy to see this post and glad to know Trimarchi Hair Studio is alive and well.

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