Monday, August 10, 2009

Art Calendars

A collection of luscious art calendars is now available at Stampington & Company, and I'm thrilled to say I'm in one of them -- the Somerset Studio calendar.
Take a look here. You will be dazzled!

[photo courtesy of Stampington & Company]


  1. Congratulations! I, for one, feel that the community of collage and assemblage artists has grown partially due to the hard work of the Stampington & Company folks!! So happy that your work is included!

  2. oh how wonderful!


    which month are you?

  3. That is great news Colette. I am glad that a local craft and needlework shop sells the full range of Stampington books and magazines. It is such a well respected name in craft and art circles. I love going there for a browse and to buy (when I can afford it). The illustrations on the link look beautiful. Love your bird craftwork as always, particularly un petit oiseau.

  4. Beautiful calendars! Congrats for being published in one! Yay!

  5. congratulations! just lovely!

  6. How much fun! You're a calendar girl. You can go around saying, I'm Miss July! (or whatever month you are:)


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