Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dinner at 8

Pour some olive oil into a saucepan. When the oil gets hot, throw in a handful of roughly chopped onions and a couple of garlic cloves, also chopped, and fry until transluscent and fragrant.

Empty a can of undrained black beans into the oil. Add herbs (I throw in whatever I have because I love herbs: thyme, coriander, mint, oregano, basil, a couple of bay leaves, like that). Season with salt and freshly ground pepper. Stir and simmer until the stew is heated through. Add a dash of lemon juice and some avocado before serving.

It gets even better if left overnight.
Makes two servings.
Note: I have no measurements because I threw it all together. Use your good judgment!


  1. OH delish!! My husband Cal and I were just talking about super food tonight and the white beans of Tuscany and bean dishes in general and then I see this yummy dish on your post!!!

  2. I hope you are well dear friend. Sorry I have been gone so long.
    Sending you love, Nita

  3. i'll be right over...


    loving The Actual Bowl,
    and the way
    you just plopped on the 'cados...

  4. Oh, Colette, this is the kind of meal I love. I would eat it every day if possible. Soup soothes the soul. =)

  5. THat is a work of art in itself! mmmmm....


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