Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You look, but do you see?

Most of what we think is invisible really isn't. It's right there under our noses. A lot of seeing is a choice. We choose to see or not see. Or we go through life distracted. Or both. Seeing beyond the obvious can be painful, but it can also free you. I've never ignored pain, physical or psychical. If something is wrong physically, I go and have it looked at straightaway, get if fixed, get it over with. The same with emotional pain. I've dealt with it head on, albeit sometimes envying people who can can go into a state of denial and not feel anything.

A friend asked me recently: "Will it ever get better?"

I said: "Yes. But not today or tomorrow, or next month. It will be gradual, but if you stay with it, you'll have short-term pain and it will eventually go away. If you don't, you'll continue feeling the pain indefinitely." Her vision is getting sharper.
Another friend has finally woken up to her the way she's been living her life and why things keep going wrong. Both these friends call on me to talk things out. I tell them I'm not a therapist, but I share what I've learned with them. They tell me I clarify things for them, and that is its own reward. In a sense, my experiences haven't just strengthened me, but also given me the knowledge and tools to help others. The trick is to be detached so that you don't get swallowed up by other people's emotions.
Can you see the "invisible" in the photo of my painting?


  1. Can you imagine if the body and mind did not feel pain. We would be in real trouble .It is natures alarm in letting us know that something is wrong and needs fixing and that is a good thing . The trouble is a lot of people ignore the alarm, so sad.

  2. Your friends must trust your judgement Colette, in order to come to you for help and advice. I agree with your comments about pain. Like everything else in life, it is better to face it head on and get it over with. It will refuse to go away otherwise and will keep reappearing from time to time.

  3. the texture of your work is beautiful and each piece you make has a soulful presence.... thank you for sharing

  4. STAR Gleaming glee..Beaming lights..Blue flame burns..Burns so bright..You can see from afar..A star..A star you are! JAS


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