Tuesday, May 05, 2009

What a difference the sun makes

[detail of card on eBay -- mine]

Yesterday I walked to Yonge & Bloor and dropped in to see a friend. Isn't it a wonderful day, I said, warm with a cool breeze that's welcome when you get hot (I'm a fast walker by nature). "Yeah..." he said, "but if it was just a little bit warmer, it would be perfect."

Nothing is perfect, really. Nothing will ever be perfect. We can strive for it, but--think about it-- if we ever reached perfection, then what??? It would be all over.

So let's just appreciate what we get and say thank you to the weatherpeople in the sky.

I saw these files at Staples when I went to replenish my office supplies. I immediately thought of Jenny Doh. The salesperson remarked on them. I told her what I was planning to do with them, and, bless her heart, she was so interested that she asked me questions and I gave her a mini-collage session. I think I may have a convert on my hands. I could see her taking some home and gluing stuff to the cover and doodling inside them. And having hours of fun!


  1. Anonymous6:21 p.m.

    ...yes Colette, I think you can hold yourself responsible for lots of converts!.......it is absolutely freezing here in Wales!Those little weather people are playing tricks on us again! I am cold through to the bones and I am actually wearing a vest!!!...I only hope the sunny weather is heading our way!

    It would be interesting to pay a visit to Staples and photograph the equivalent they have on offer for us.What the buyers think the British public would find appealing!....watch this space, I might just do that!

    I just paid a visit to eBay...you have been working very hard.....we are spoiled for choice.This little bird in particular is very appealing!....almost PERFECT!!!

    I am just about to shake the fizz out of some ginger beer!

    Anon the Elder.....OOOOO

  2. Hi Colette, bought some really pretty file folders about 2 1/2 months ago .They are still just sitting empty. Your post reminded me of what I was going to use them for. I just finished altering cloths pins for paper clips. Now I need to make the files match . The clothes pins turned out like I wanted. I put them on my blog an older post. love visiting your blog, your work is simply delightful!! Julie

  3. Yes, nothing is ever perfect - but sometimes wonderful is good enough! Lovely art piece. xoxox

  4. Anonymous9:29 a.m.

    I have absolutely nothing to say today.....because Postie has been and I am absolutely SPEECHLESS!!!...I can just about manage the word THANKYOU!

    Anon the Elder .....OOOOO

  5. I must say,,,the weather here is pretty darn near perfect..ha! I just found some file folders on sales at one of the office suppiy stores! They are recycled. 6 of them in a pack for only 1.29! YAY! I'll go see what Jenny Doh did !

  6. OHhh! I saw what Jenny did with hers! Cool! Since my move here , i am involved with nieces and nephews and their friends...who all love art, so guess what our next little project will be!!! THanks Colette.!

  7. Isn't sharing what it's all about? I believe it is so. Now you probably changed the course of a life forever. How wonderful =)

  8. Love your allee 5 bird piece - gorgeous!


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