Wednesday, May 06, 2009


The friend I mentioned in yesterday's post has Power. It's supposed to hit 27 Celcius today. He wanted "a little bit warmer" and now, judging by the haze out there, we're getting a lot warmer. There will be someone who'll say: If it was just a little cooler, it would be perfect!

I had a good day yesterday: the cleaning didn't get done (it will, it will, very soon... Mr. Swiffer is primed to sweep through the place), but a lot of other things did get done. I tried my hand at dyeing scraps of lace and fabric, and used some in the final piece of a project of which I can only give you a sneak peek because it's going West to that hive of creativity in Laguna Hills.

And as a reward, I splurged and had some carrot cake. This carrot cake is like no other -- it's made by Dufflet. In Toronto, Dufflet is, and has been for decades, the pâtissière par excellence. She was very young when she hit the scene, and she still keeps going, still as excellent as the day she started. The bonus for me is that it's all fresh, no preservatives, or fillers, or hydrogenated oils etc. to worry me. I was halfway through the cake, when I photographed it, hence the crumbs...
Have a sweet day!


  1. Oh, I love peeks of your goodies. And, carrot cake is my fav! Yummmmmm.

  2. I live in the desert in Arizona USA. It will be about 101 degrees today!! My pup on her walk this morning was just dragging Julie

  3. My cleaning didn't get done either yesterday

  4. Carrot cake looks so good.
    Just stopped by to say hello.
    Love your blog.
    My blog is new, but gettig there.
    Hugs, Laura from Ontario.

  5. Your dyed lace looks beautiful (love the colour)...and that carrot cake...yummy!


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