Monday, May 25, 2009

Busy hands....

....are happy hands. I've just started the last leg of a project for a favorite editor. (The editors I work with these days are all favorites because they are such good people to work with.) I'm denuding this box so that I can paint and collage it for its contents.
Here's a tip I learned at the bookstore: To remove sticky labels cleanly, pour some Ronsonol (it has to be Ronsonol) lighter fluid and scrape the label off with a very sharp blade. It will come off very easily. The Ronsonol evaporates very quickly and leaves no smell. It's best to wear gloves, or at least avoid contact to skin. I got the Ronsonol at the dollar store for $2.99.


  1. Thanks for the tip!! Can not wait to see the finished box.julie

  2. What a great tip! I always have trouble "denuding" cigar boxes, so it's good to know there is an easier way to do it than using water and your fingers. Thanks Colette.

  3. yep, the lighter fluid trick. we know it well.

    you are now part of the booksellers secret club!



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