Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boys of Summer

[acrylic on canvas (c) colette copeland]

As far as spectator sports go, the only one I like is baseball. The exception would be watching my nephew play soccer because he is poetry in motion.

When I lived in Ireland, I substituted cricket for baseball, and in the summer I would go to the Trinity College cricket field and watch, while a fellow student explained what was going on. This painting is one I made some years ago when the Red Sox (Boston) came to Toronto. The Jays are off to Beantown, according to the local ads.

New on eBay: altered vintage postcards.


  1. I love all your work Collette, thanks so much for your lovely message! Carolyn x

  2. Not a fan of baseball. But I do like your altered vintage postcards! xooxx

  3. oh these beauties are def EYE catching!
    very beautiful..



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