Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday in a list

Walk in the park.


Prep dinner (guests coming at 6 p.m.)

Clean kitchen.

Finish a little felt clutch I started.

Declutter pine table being used for artwork and set for dinner.

Proofread two articles due tomorrow.

Have a shot of Prince of Darkness coffee. (For explanation, please see Tracy's comment in the comments section below. My friend did the work for me! Thank you Tracy!)


  1. OOh, what is Prince of Darkness coffee? sounds wonderful

  2. Your Sunday looks very similar to mine! Except for the "Finish a little felt clutch I started." part! Have fun with the clutch- sound great. Love your blog!

    Lots of Smiles

  3. Prince of Darkness coffee???? You got my attention...I need t o know more. Have a great dinner!

  4. Prince of Darkness...
    Very dark and loud with a hint of spiciness. Full-bodied Central American, a handful of spicy Ethiopian, and a snicker of crisp,
    light, Centrals. The Prince & the Princess are equally dark.
    (thank you google!)
    and so now we know!!!! xxoo

  5. You've intrigued us all with the Prince of Darkness coffee. Tell me more----


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