Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Midweek song

[peat pot nest (c) colette copeland; available in my Etsy shop]

I slowed down some, so as to avoid burnout, winter blues and all that. I have not listened to my body in the past and suffered for it; so now I listen and act on it. I still do my work, because I have to earn a living (earning a living can cramp your style sometimes!!!), but I cut down on the rest and focused on the essentials. I recommend it!

Meanwhile...I noticed the days are getting longer.


  1. Love that pot and the bird and flower inside. That would make a nice Valentine gift for a special friend or relative.

  2. I know what you mean on the winter blues! I'm sure feeling it, and the stress that goes with it! Hope you are staying very warm and content. I love that peat pot nest! It reminds me of spring and and warm moist air that accompanies it...wish it were spring now, yes, I do notice that the days are getting longer! we have that going for us at least! Love to you, sweet C!


  3. Beautiful, beautiful. I love it. It makes me believe that spring will actually come as I sit in Florida in 28 degree weather. Hugs.

  4. This is so beautiful Colette =) What a precious little bird!

  5. Your birdie is wonderful!

  6. What a delightful home you create for your birdie. I love the petal nest.
    P.S. Glad you reminded me of slowing down and focusing on the essentials. We need to hibernate a little too.

  7. Yes the days are getting longer! I noticed it yesterday. What a relief!

    Lovely nest.

  8. Yes, the days are definitely getting longer. The peat pot nest is adorable! xo


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