Thursday, January 15, 2009

And the freeze goes on

The Eastern Seaboard is in a deep freeze -- no kidding! But a Canadian doesn't let that get in the way. She puts on her layers and goes out and does what she needs to do. Still, she doesn't have to like it.

Many years ago, when I was a young thing living in Washington, D.C., one of my friends started crocheting, passed around a simple pattern for an afghan, and before you know it, we were all making them. I remember making one for my mother in cream tones. Anyway, all that's left of that period is my crochet hook, made of metal, Made in the USA (yes, really!). I kept it all these years and when I decided to use up my stash of hand-spun yarns, out it came. How that hook managed to survive all this time, with two household moves across the Atlantic, I will never know. Some things you are never meant to lose.


  1. I know I will never have the time and patience to crochet! But it does sound like fun! Have a good rest of the week!

    love, wren

  2. It's lovely that you've kept this simple, but precious and sentimental item.I was wearing the Yemeni necklace today, with the little tinkling noise it makes as you move. I imagined that if it could be opened, it would hold a prayer for the people of Gaza. xo

  3. Now that corcheting is back (maybe it never left, but did for me), you are ready to go with your vintage crochet needle!
    It goes to show you don't throw away anything~right? Well, maybe some things!

  4. I just read your article in Artful Blogging and wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed it! Keep up the great work...xo...deb

  5. I need to re-learn how to crochet. What a good project that might be this weekend!

  6. But at least your power didn't go off!
    ~freezing my butt off in the west end,

  7. You have a delightful blog. I went through a few pages and your handmade art stuff is adorable. Thanks for sharing. Linda

  8. I remeber that yarn, - how I lvoed to knit with it and how I love that hat!
    We are also having cold (and snow) for the first time in weeks, - looks like it'll be as always: after Christmas comes the cold.
    A quilt, a fire and a warm laptop is cozy right now :-)

    Did i wish you a happy new year?

  9. the necklace/bracelet is delightful.. and I can remember those metal crochet needles but never quite mastered the art of crocheting.

  10. Anonymous3:23 p.m.

    Crocheting is so very simple and relaxing. I love making crochet 'scumbles' - organic representations of lichen, or beach pebbles, or lava flows, or the colours in frozen water. I used to crochet on airline flights, until the hook became confiscated, in case I did someone an injury! Thank you for your inspiring post. C'est la vie (poor French). Ann (from England).


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