Monday, January 12, 2009

Good things

Achieving a look: I love this heart. It's the kind of look I've always been drawn to. Years ago, I would have bought this had I seen it in a shop. I feel very lucky that I can now just...make one. Of course it took the right fabric, and the vintage rhinestone button, to show up first. Not at the same time, but obviously one was waiting for the other. This weekend, they came together.

Bonne journée!


  1. This is so fun. I bought my copy of Artful Blogger for myself for Christmas and yours was the first article I read in it. Or rather, reading. I'm not done with it yet but I wanted to look up your blog. I also got a sewing machine for Christmas, and although I've never been a sewer before, I'm excited about this new adventure. I'm inspired by your little heart hanging... Maybe I'll be making my own one day soon. Thanks for your art.

  2. and together they made a beautiful heart...i hope you are keeping it for yourself instead of selling it...I made a couple of throw pillows the other day with this wonderful abstract floral print, and I just had to add them both to my collection of's so awesome we are able to make cute things for our own homes and spoil ourselves every now and then with our sewing skills! have a wonderful week, cherie!


  3. Yes,,they were meant for each other! It is amazing how one tiny little rhinestone can make all the difference..that special sparkle.

  4. simply beautiful =)

  5. It's so pretty - a lovely combination!

  6. It is lovely! I would've bought it also! hugs! karen....

  7. Beautiful. I love the slender shape.

  8. What a wonderful blog you have created. I am new to this world of blogging. I love your work and thanks for sharing.

  9. The heart is never alone. It has ties so we can wear it on our wrist, or hide it close to us, or reach out for others to hold it.

    Thank you for your heart.
    It deserves a medal, in recognition of its beauty, and gentleness, its kindness and generosity.
    Something to shine and say it is important, to recognize its homespun beauty.
    something ... like a rhinestone daisy :)

    Thank you.

    hugs and warm hearts,

  10. Colette,
    This is wonderful and so simple. A perfect marriage of ornate and practical. lovely!

    And i must say how great it was to meet you last Friday, you made my night!


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