Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Frozen Zone

Yesterday evening I went to my ATC group. The theme was beverages, and naturally for me that is coffee. I drew these coffee cups with the coffee grounds at the bottom of my cup. Talk about recycling!!
[Sweet William (c) Colette Copeland]

It is very cold today. The kind that straightens curly hair. I need to do a grocery run sometime before the night, and I'm not looking forward to it. [It takes ten minutes just to dress to go out: Extra layer, coat, scarf, woollen hat, boots..... and then you have to take it all off when you get back, carefully pulling off said boots without bringing in the wet and the salt...]
Happily, I don't have to go out to work; I can do it right here. The tiny art of my previous post is now available on here.



  1. Every once in a while I miss snow. But then you come along and remind me just how nice it is to not deal with cold, super cold, day in and day out! I love sweet william! Stay warm, LeAnn

  2. Sounds like you are ready for spring like I am. :) Lots of hot chocolate and coffee for now! :)

  3. you sure know how to make art out of new media! old coffee from a bottom of a cup, huh? did you use a paintbrush? that is so cool!


  4. Layering is definitely the key in freezing weather. Wonderful art. Hope you're staying warm as much as possible.

  5. Great ATCs Colette. Friday I used the coffee left in the bottom of my cup to add "age" to a piece of silk, and cotton ribbon =)

  6. Coffee and Tea are great for that srt of thing! I love that you ave a little ATC group. Do you have different themes ?

  7. So inventive, Colette. Java art.
    J :)

  8. What a neat idea! Wish I could have attended!


  9. You have a beautiful blog, and the coffee cups are genius.


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