Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Walking the Bird.

I'm still trying to shake off that sinister portrayal of the W. cabinet in the movie. It's one thing to read about their actions, it's another to see them come alive in a movie. Given a certain person's hateful, racist and smear-laden campaign, one shudders to think who he would surround himself with in the Oval office. I hope for all our sakes, That One will be the one, and get some intelligence, know-how, and calm going for a change.


  1. i think this little work of art is pretty darned adorable! makes me forget what lies ahead...hopefully only good things!

  2. I am praying fervently for "that one" I think he has the potential to go down in history as a truly great president. If people are smart enough to vote for him. No politician is perfect or 100 percent noble but he offers us hope. I've not seen W yet. But living with the reality of his insane policies and ignorance I don't see McSame as offering anything other than more of the same.

    I love Walking the Bird!


  3. From your mouth to God's ears...hoping and praying for THAT ONE! xoxox


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