Thursday, October 23, 2008


It was time for a watercolor painting.

A wine bottle caught my eye, and one thought led to another, ending in this painting that I though would make a perfect gift for a friend.

Which is why I'm only showing a detail ;-)


  1. Perfecto! The jewel tone colors are so beautiful Colette~

  2. Your reds, oranges are vibrant and luscious! I could warm my hands with these colors you painted on this nippy Autumn eve.! Beautiful image from what I can see! :)

  3. I love this watercolour Colette (and I'm sure your friend will too).
    Such wonderful warm colours...I just want to curl up with a nice glass of red now!

    Jacky xox

    p.s. love the fabric hearts you are make too. They send a wonderful message.

  4. It looks wonderful. And it made me smile. You know why.


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