Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Movie matinee

I went to see W. I was left feeling sad. This was the story of a man with big psychological problems that were never treated. He ends up in the White House. It's unclear if, were he surrounded by right-thinking people, he could have done a better job. But he wasn't -- most of the people in his cabinet were scary, the most sinister being Rumsfeld and Cheney -- especially Cheney. Colin Powell tried to bring in some reason and balance in the Iraq matter, but was shot down by this cabal, including Condoleeza Rice. He ends up going along with what turns out to be a lie. The actual figure of W. came off as fairly sympathetic. He was rough at the edges, but you couldn't help feeling that had he had treatment, the support of his parents (he seemed to have had to act out to get their attention, and the attention he did get was disapproval), he could have had a better life, and not as President for which he was not equipped.

Josh Brolin did an incredible job. I see Oscars.


  1. I also went to the movies this weekend to see The Secret Life of Bees. Even though I was a part of the history that was the sixties, I continue to be astonished that only forty years ago, African Americans did not yet have the right to vote. I stand in awe that we are at the precipice of an election that we would never have imagined, even in our wildest dreams.

  2. Your summary of the movie and the man is excellent! Josh Brolin should get an Oscar, or at least a nomination. W does seem an unfortunate "pawn" in the game of life...however...as one of millions of Americans reeling from the past 8 years of W's stint as prez, I want to say "don't let the screen door hit ya in the *** W!

    Can't wait to see The Secret Life of Bees. I adored the book.

  3. Dear Colette,
    I have had a computer crash!! and can´t acces my old emails...so would You be sweet to send me Your adress again and I will Post Your gift as soon as possible!
    And...Sounds like an interesting movie! I won´t tell You what people in Sweden think about "W"! .....
    hugs and Thanks

  4. we must see it....we went to see "Body of Lies", and it was very, very good. Leonardo is such a good actor, and of course I like Russell Crowe~even though he acts frumpy in the movie.

  5. It's opening next week in Paris; looking forward to seeing it, although I know it will make me feel sad and angry. xoxox


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