Sunday, July 27, 2008


[detail from textured collage]
I've been practising textures. On a heavy book board, I spread some light molding paste. Then drew some lines in it. When it dried, I sanded some rough patches down, and painted it with acrylics, rubbing then in and off until I had the effect I wanted. A little photo was glued on, then I gave it all a thin coat of wax. Finally I added the lettering.
I've been watching the Michelangelo series on BBCWorld. I thought it was well done, presenting the Master, warts and all. And it was very inspiriring.


  1. Ooo I love all the textures! I wore the doll leg charm today and thought of you :) Wish I could move closer to you but we're looking in Bolton. Come and visit any time though!

    Sandy XOX

  2. I just found your blog as I was listing a new item called "a bird in the hand" necklace! If you are interested, I have it here in the flickr sidebar of my blog

  3. Don't you just love sitting with the muse, using various mediums and watch it all unfold? This looks fantastic!
    AND how exciting about the sale of your painting below. I've been watching all your lovely art each day!

  4. Ohh, what fun technique is this Colette~ I luv your color palette, as usual. So delicate and serene. That is what I love about your art!

  5. We have PBS here. And it always shows the most fantastic artist series.
    I absorb every show about them.
    xoxo Nita

    I have read the book Agony and the Ecstasy about Michelangelo.
    It was really good.

    P.s i liked your texturing

  6. Great texture. The background looks so organic and natural.

  7. love the texture - my favourite. xo
    Judy Wilkenfeld
    {not Judy Wilkinson}

  8. this is beautiful. I love all the texture and the pinky is my favorite!


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