Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday cards

[Collage cards (c) colette copeland]
You must think it's all I do. I admit, it seems to have overtaken my life. But I do take time off. I went to see Wanted yesterday. Interesting, but too much violence for me, and Angelina Jolie was as thin as a rake. It was worth it maybe to see how times have changed when the spectacular car chase is conducted by a woman. And in the end, it's the woman who has heart. Next on my list is The X-Files.


  1. The X-Files were awesome! I have always loved the series. It was very different..But good.
    I want to see Wanted next.
    I love your collages..I want to do do some this week. xoxo Nita

  2. Fantastic set of cards. Each element is beautifully placed and the simple sewn edges set everything off.


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