Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Daughter's Dress

Today, a friend and former colleague purchased my 20 x 30-inch painting My Daughter's Dress. Carol had been looking at it on my website for a while, and told me "there was something about it".

Today, as she looked at the real thing, the sweetest smile crossed her face. "What?" I asked. "It makes me feel happy," she answered. That was the greatest reward. We had a fun visit. She brought a lemon loaf she made, still warm from the oven and tasting like real fresh lemons, and I made tea in a teapot no less -- strong, with milk. I remembered the milk! Usually tea drinkers know me well enough to bring their own milk because I don't use it since I'm a coffee (black, no sugar drinker). And even though I know they're coming here, I forget to get the milk!! Today I remembered. Luckily she likes her tea the way I do: it has to be orange pekoe (I got Typhoo), "stewed", strong, if there's going to be any milk in it. British-style.

The milk I consume is yogurt, ice cream, buttermilk, sour cream, whipping cream, cheeses. Like that. I have never liked the taste of plain milk -- it makes me gag.


  1. Isn't that just the best feeling? Knowing that art you created makes someone happy~luv it, luv it, luv it! That is why I do what I do...and you as well~
    Congratulations on the sale....
    btw..i drink my coffe black and stong~

  2. I love lemon cake and tea. I am happy you had a wonderful visit.
    Friends do make the heart glad..
    I do have to have milk in my tea..
    Sending you much love, Nita

  3. Congratulation. Friends smiling is wonderful

  4. she looks SO happy colette! that is the Ultimate make people happy through your beautiful work~

  5. I have always loved that particular art piece..."My Daughter's Dress" too!
    Lemon loaf and tea with milk (I drink it that way too!) delightful!

  6. Very glad your friend loved her new piece of art Colette. I hope she has many happy years with it. I am afraid I wouldn't be able to drink your stewed tea...I like mine almost transparent with just one dip of the tea bag and a bit of milk. Isn't it funny how we are all so different.


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