Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's child


I tend to stand while I'm working. My lower back has been protesting, so now I'm training myself to sit at my work table. Too bad that I have to have back pain to understand this!
Have a pain-free weekend!


  1. after seeing the two beautiful pieces you've just made (the hand necklace and the friday's child) i just had to go check out your etsy. What treasure you are selling there! Simply beautiful. Great work.

  2. back pain is the pits. I suffer too, try a reverse stretch .. stand up, put your hands on the hips towards the back and lean back into a stretch, until it 'hurts' slightly. my physio gave me this to do after gardening.

  3. Wow, this is wonderful. I hope you were able to find some relief for your back.

  4. Colette, this just makes my heart sing..
    It is wonderful!
    xoxo Nita


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