Thursday, June 26, 2008

Michelangelo's Poetry

In me la morte. In te la vita mia.
(In me, death. In you, my life.)

I was thinking about sculpture, which led to thinking about Michelangelo (I actually wept when I looked at his Pietà), which led to his poetry. I still have my Italian textbook from my university days, and I still love his poetry. The line above has always stayed in my memory: His art was his life.


  1. What a sweet piece AND post~

  2. Colette, I love this! I love Michelangelo as well. I want to go to Italy very much. It would be a dream come true to go see his works of art.
    Thank you for the comment you left..Sending you love, Nita

  3. oh wow your jewelry piece here is so very stunning! Such simplicity, with such beauty to go with it. Fabulous.

  4. I like the meaning behind the piece - great. Thanks for my blog comment too.


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