Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tiptoe through the peonies

I walked over to Ludgera's house yesterday and came home with these. Their scent is light but intoxicating.
We did some botanical monoprinting which turned out beautifully, if I say so myself. I came home inspired all over again.
When my old friend Julie moved to Santa Barbara, I felt alone in the neighborhood. But the universe works in mysterious ways. And now I have another good friend in the neighborhood.
Have a flowery weekend!


  1. Beauty~Full!
    Have a beauty~filled weekend!

  2. hmmmm, pure beauty!

  3. I haven't tried growing these.. must look into it xo

  4. What delightful colors...And such beautiful flowers. I am glad you found a friend again.
    xoxo Nita


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