Sunday, May 18, 2008

Long weekend is turning wet

It's Sunday, it's raining, the city is misted over. Maybe this espadrille will remind Mme Nature of the season... but very likely not.
It's The Long Weekend of the Opening of the Cottage. I hope you cottagers up north are having good weather. See, I don't begrudge you!


  1. i am really loving all of your shoe paintings!! i wonder if a shoe boutique would be interested in hanging some on the walls of their shops?? i know i would if i owned one :0)

  2. Hello Miss Collette!
    I am home from Vietnam and finally coming down to earth after the birth of Harry (he is 8 wks old now.. how time flies).. and catching up on your blog, which I have not visited in weeks.. shame on me xoxo
    I think of you often xo ~ those red shoes with the blue flowers in a post below are adorable.. now off to see your Etsy shop which I spied in the sidebar ... XO

  3. I am loving your shoe paintings, Colette! The flamenco ones are my favorite so far, but they are all gorgeous. Hope the sunshine comes your way!

  4. I love your shoes!
    They inspire me to have fun with an art project of my own.
    Thank you Colette!

  5. I'm really enjoying your shoe series. What is it about women and shoes? Maybe it's the whole Cinderella thing.


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