Monday, May 19, 2008

My little doll collection

My collections have always been small by choice. Even when I had all the space in the world, I stopped at 6 antique decoy ducks, to give you an example. I only buy what I truly love. And contrary to popular belief, I don't collect birds, although I have a handful that were given to me as gifts and which I enjoy.

So what you see in the photo is the extent of my doll collection. They got together in the living room to watch the Victoria Day fireworks this evening.


  1. Colette, These are so pretty! My Mom collects dolls. But she has a lot!
    Sending you love, Nita
    P.s thank you for your words of comfort.
    You always share youself. That means so much.
    Love Nita

  2. Colette, what a charming collection - indeed! I love the simplicity of this type of doll. They always like company. You have so many beautiful images on your blog! Thank you for sharing, Cathyx

  3. These are so beautiful and charming. I have a soft spot for these antique dolls. My sister destroyed a late 1800's bisque "pioneer" doll I bought when I was 12 at an antique show. She was so lovely and had a red gingham dress and little white apron. I've had a hard time forgiving her on that act...

    Happy Victoria Day!

  4. Hi Colette!

    I used to see wonderful "bird" art on ebay when birds weren't as popular (but I loved them) and wonder "Who is this Colette woman?"...I now am so enjoying your blog and your inspiration and still think of you as the bird lady. Now you are the bird lady with only 6 antique decoy ducks!!!
    Happy Tuesday! karen...

  5. What a fabulous collection!!!!!


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