Saturday, May 17, 2008


Photo (c) Colette Copeland
I was visiting Elizabeth in her framing shop when I looked out of the window and saw ... Fergal. I quickly pulled out my camera, and pointed it at him. As I clicked, he turned and looked me straight in the eye.
"Janey Mack!" Fergal said. "Can't a fellah have any privacy??"
Click on photo to see Fergal in all his splendor.


  1. LOL....Fergal has the Paparazzi after him! I'll bring the book to class and the Tim Holtz keys were purchased at Bizzy Bs! Have a great Victoria Day!


  2. He is very handsome! Bet he has to dodge all the 'ladies' with their cameras. Great pic! I have a thing for squirrels :)

  3. too cute!!! you ust of had to be quick to snap that!!!

  4. what a cute fellow~

  5. Oh look! Another handsome bandit! They are so cute, and give me countless hours of fun... I am on my way to my studio to play with photo manipulation, and guess what my subjects are?

  6. He is very cute and I love the composition of the whole photo...the way the green leaves almost look fake against the turquoise! Very Pretty!
    karen b...

  7. I love this photo! It is wonderful.
    Love Nita


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