Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday's child

Production continues as I put my work out there. Being a full-time artist is wonderful in terms of job satisfaction; now all I need is for my sales to grow.
The child in this fabric collage tugs at my heartstrings. She is from a group of barefoot children who lived in poverty a century ago.
[edit: Catherine asked if this piece is mounted on watercolor paper, and the answer is yes. I stitched the whole thing on 140-lb watercolor paper. Catherine knows her stuff; she's published a book on stitching on paper!]
Because I'm now working at home, it's important for me to get out regularly. Yesterday I joined my former colleagues, including one who was visiting from Nova Scotia for March break, for a get-together. It was good fun, and I hope we do it again. This evening I will be at the Hive for the ATC trading meeting.


  1. Colette, your work is so moving. I truly love it.
    I love to make ATC's. I have been getting out more this week than I have in the previous weeks.
    I am praying you sell more and more of your wonderful creations.
    xoxo Nita

  2. THis child has such poingnant look...I plan to make an ATC or 2 today! I thought about you yesterday as I discovered a cool new coffee house!

  3. Hi Colette, This collage is touching!
    I have posted some photos of Your housecollage that I won at OWOH. So now You can go to my place to see where it´s hanging!


  4. Hello Colette. Oh yes, I agree on all your points about being a full time artist. That child tugs at my hearts strings too!!! And, yes, I find it crucial for me to get out every once in a while too. So, we are very similar ;) xo

  5. This is beautiful Colette, is this mounted on watercolor paper??

  6. Such a beautiful piece of art - reminds me of the documentary Gabriel Byrne helped produce on the potato famine. And yes, working from home makes it essential to get out and about from time to time. xoxox


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