Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mother Nature

(Mother Nature available on eBay)
She's being fickle and furious, not that I blame her when she has to go through all the abuse she gets. This is her in a calmer mood, in better days.

Thank you for all the sewing suggestions!


  1. your mother nature piece is so special! i just adore her. kudos!

  2. Goodness!! Your creations are sublime, I am smitten!!

  3. She looks gentle and sweet. I love how you are "drawing and painting" with thread. Always fresh and new are YOU! Have a great weekend. Hopefully mother nature will be gentle in Toronto. :)

  4. You are sew creative! These are so darn cool!

  5. this reminds me of the Barbara Walters Special i watched about a week and a half ago about the Royal Family and the Queen mother, and all that goes one in the Royal family. it was so interesting, and i have a new appreciation for her~she has been queen since she was 25! AND, I loved seeing all the "low-down" on the crown jewels~
    hugs to you my friend, as this piece is beautiful!

  6. Loving your free motion stitched pieces - very satisfying art form isnt it?
    The little crown is just gorgeous and the name perfect!!!


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