Thursday, February 14, 2008

When one door closes....

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I found out yesterday that my day job is coming to an end. At the end of the month, I'll be saying goodbye to my friends at the Medical Post. I have been working with them, on a freelance basis, for eight years. It's going to be difficult. The loss of income, yes...but the loss of my colleagues who have also become friends, is even more difficult. But -- downsizing respects no one.

Is this a push from the cosmos to go in a new direction? I don't know. Yet. But I am tightening my belt, and doing what can be done immediately, which is to focus on my art and put more of it out into the world. It is, after all, my goal: to be a full-time artist. I just didn't think it would happen so soon. So, while I'm looking around for other editorial jobs, I'm doubling my effors, creating more and listing new work.


  1. Dearest Colette, You will prevail! There is greatness on the horizon for you...I know this. I am cheering for you, and holding you in my prayers. I love you.

  2. You have a wonderful attitude. I look forward to stopping by often and seeing all of your new artwork. I am so sorry about the loss though. It is difficult to go through. Blessings, Karen

  3. ~You know very well, that when one door closes another one opens~
    you will be taken care of~
    love you~
    tracy xxoo

  4. Yes, you will be soaring to new heights Colette. I just know God holds you close to His heart and tightly in his hands.
    Bless you tonight~

  5. yes, i agree will prevail! change is never easy, but your attitude is awesome and i am certain that this is just the beginning of more wonderful things to come for you!

  6. How exciting! You're right, it's straight from the universe, a message for your to create. I'm going to link to you tonight to help spread your art to my friends!

  7. i am lifting you up and tilting the world so that the perfect job falls right in your lap (metaphorically speaking, of course). good thoughts and prayers for you to truly find a life changing adventure in the form of your dream job.

  8. I'm glad you see this as you do, - a door closed, but another opens.
    Sometimes it's hard to find the right door, but I think your art has grown, with many exciting new turns, these last years. I do believe that you will be a full-time artist one day :-)

  9. Oh Dear, Colette! but I know that your dreams are right there -- within grasp -- You can do it!

  10. I can certainly understand your plight... I am right there with ya. Sometimes the Universe gives us a big push and we have to sprout those little birdie wings and fly... FLY FREE! Fly FREE t ocreate art! You can do it. I know!!!!

  11. Sometimes when you need to make a change the universe makes it impossible NOT to make that change. ;) I hope that you can stay in touch with the friends you've made through this work, but I have no doubt that you will discover a better way of earning money that also feeds your soul.

    I left (had to leave) my real-world job back in 2004, and I've been able to work as an artist since. It's not always easy, but man is it wonderful!

    Best of luck to you. Take a deep breath and know you can do this.


  12. Anonymous10:18 a.m.

    Yes, do focus more on the art-part of life (even though I know very well one also needs some sort of income....) I wish you luck!

  13. Colette, My partner Dawn decided to leave the antique business to create her art and has done fabulous so I know that door is ready for you to open as well. Good Luck

  14. I know it seems like a scary leap but if you face it with determination, I am sure that you will come out on top and enjoy turning what you love into a thriving business!! BTW, the RESPITE piece is stunning!! Take care..Angie

  15. Sometimes we need a push from the universe to shake the dust off our shoes and really fly (and just because you're leaving the job, you won't be leaving your friends). This news, coupled with your Somerset good news, makes me think your art will soon be taking center stage and focus. I know you will be fine and unexpected opportunities will come your way. xoxox


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