Saturday, February 16, 2008

Thank you!

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Thank you all, old friends and new, for your comforting words about the downsizing. The shock has worn off, and after a day or so of rest, I'll be giving thought to what comes next. It is an opportunity to do art full-time, but the bills must be paid, so I'll be looking for magazine work too. A couple of good friends in the field are also keeping an eye out for freelance jobs; I can't ask for more.
A lot has changed in a short time: apart from the loss of my job, my flamenco school is moving from location to location. We're like a group of gypsies. We had one temporary studio, which got cancelled and we had to go to another one. Next week we have to go to yet another location. [Meanwhile the boss is looking for permanent quarters.] And then there was the (delicious) shock of being contacted by Somerset Studio. Going by the deadline I was given, I would guess that my piece will be in the July/August issue (publication end of June).
Things do happen in threes and this one was a mixed bag, although the good trumps the bad!
Have a peaceful weekend!


  1. Dear Colette, Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. I would like to add you to my favorites if that is alright. xoxo nita

  2. Oh Colette, I'm so sorry about your job :( Like you said though, this is an opportunity to do your art full time. I was just going to suggest Somerset Studio when I kept reading and saw that you're doing something already, hugest congratulations, that is just so wonderful!!!! :D

  3. This is difficult to first say that I´m sorry You lost Your job and then Congrats to being contracted by Somerset studio!! There is probably a meaning with all that happens to us and hopefully we are all alert to follow the "hints".
    (I would love to learn Flamenco!)

  4. something is afoot, Colette. With all these changes... yes, something is being planned.. xoxo


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