Friday, February 29, 2008

Friday's child

[Spirit Cloth; available in my Etsy store]

Today is my last day at my day job. I was feeling sad yesterday, knowing this, and when I got home I started working with fabric to get my mind off the sadness and get focused on a new direction.
Making this piece, I kept thinking of the words spirit cloth. The finished product comforted me somehow, and strengthened my desire to make art my day job. So, if the powers that be are listening, here I am!


  1. This is beautiful. It reminds me of the primitive storytelling quilts of the 1800's. Yes...I can sense a story happening in this piece! Strength. Goodness. Peace.

    Hope the snows melt and you find flowers beneath this weekend! (((hug)))

  2. Sending my thoughts your way, hoping that this is a good beginning not an ending! Have a great weekend...beautiful piece, bTw.

    What type of fabric do you print your images on?

  3. I love the quiltyness of this piece. I think I just made that word up....but it looks like special little treasures and momentos and reminders and hopes and dreams all wrapped up into one.
    Let's start singing...."When you walk through a storm hold your head up high!" or better yet...let;s sing like Molly Brown, "I Ain't Down Yet!"

    "So if you go from nowhere
    On the road to somewhere
    And you meet anyone
    You know it's me."

    I know you are going somewhere!

  4. Aha! I knew that eyelet looked familiar!
    : )

  5. Art IS your day job, my dear! A beautiful piece...! Just think how many more fabulous works of art are going to come pouring out of you now!

  6. A very sweet piece. I pray God has something magnificent planned for you. Love nita

  7. Wonderful, whispery looking, just lovely! Looks like it should be in Somerset, nice work, Colette :)

  8. I agree that art IS your day job. Have faith. I have lots of faith in you!
    (are we tired of winter yet?)

  9. Really love the serenity this piece evokes.I stop at your blog now and agian and always find joy! so consider your JOB bringing joy and peace to others! Cathee S in SC

  10. this piece will bring peace to a longing soul....beautiful!


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