Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sometime today...

Sometime today this pile of fabric has to be sorted.

Sometime today a medical translation has to be finished.

Sometime today laundry has to be done (What!?! Again??)

Sometime today, correspondence has to be caught up with.

But first, a little relief for my headache; the sky is grey and wet as the view from here shows, so I can expect the headache to last until the wet stops. Reminds of me Carol Burnett's show and the spoof soap: The Edge of Wetness. [Humor saves the day!]


  1. Lovely view of the fall foliage. Hope your headache dissipates! xo

  2. have you ever tried homoepathic remedies for those headaches?
    they work wonders. hope your headaches has gone!

  3. I hate that you have a headache...the trees in the photo are lovely!
    Your birthday package was wonderful!
    My birthday was this month too, and I have endulged in some more art supplies and knitting magazines!

  4. I hope you get relief soon from your headache sweetie. I have my monthly migraine today so I am suffering right along with you. The trees are beautiful. I miss fall trees. Texas doesn't get a lovely Fall like you do:) Love, Jamie

  5. Get better soon Colette. I know how headaches can drag you down and the best thing to do is indulge in some guilt-free relaxation.

  6. What a wonderful view, hopefully soon to be enjoyed in a headache-less state!

    kari & kijsa

  7. Sorry to hear you are not feeling on top of things.

    Really enjoyed reading through your blog today with all the wonderful inspirational posts.

    Lovely view you are posting in this photo. I will be visiting TO in a few weeks and welcome suggestions on places around town a shabby altered mixed media crafter might like to shop.


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