Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday's child

[Card from Pam Aries -- she is perfect! Thank you Pammie xoxo]

What a crammed last few days. And it's not over yet. I'm working tomorrow....and then, I can have a couple of days to relax, get back to my yoga practice and feel centred again.

Meanwhile, I spent a few hours at the CreativShow at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre; I came out of Union Station to a veritable beehive of activity, crowds, traffic, roadworks... it's been a few months since I was by the lakeshore. I found some items at the show that meant I don't have to find a way of getting to the boonies to get to Michael's, and while looking through the endless bead and jewelry vendors tables, I found a couple of beads that (almost) made me squeal. Lots of lovely fabric, a pattern for a Laurie Swim quilt that stole my heart, and other stuff that I haven't unpacked yet.

The bead that made me so very happy is perfect for a journal cover I've been asked to make for a heart-friend of mine who is travelling to India in January. I have so many ideas buzzing in my head that she's going to be getting more than just a cover!!! (Tracy -- the bead will so remind you of home and if you feel alone now and then, it will remind of that you are not in India "alone"!)

After a few hours there, I headed for my art group's monthly meeting. I wouldn't miss it for the world. We had such a great time with Carmi's demo, making magical glass slides using alcohol inks and rubber stamps. An added treat was seeing the gorgeous works made at last weekend's Michael deMeng workshops in Toronto.

Coming home I noticed half the population seemed to be in Halloween costumes. A particularly spiffy pirate caught my eye as Martha and I got on the subway.

My sister sent me this link: go ahead, have some fun with the pumpkin!

And now, it's off to dreamland.


  1. The card from the talented Pam is wonderful! Sounds like you've had a lovely time. xo

  2. You have made me cry and I haven't even seen it yet...
    I think I must send you some more $$$..and a little something or two~
    you are so dear..and not because you are doing this for me, you just ARE.
    I can't Thank You enough for making this for me....
    much love~

  3. I thought that he was a scary pirate -- a REAL pirate. He gave me the creeps. How is next tuesday, the 6th, for tea? I meant to look at yourfabric on Friday -- have you put it all away yet?


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