Saturday, September 22, 2007

What's in a glass?

Antique glass, that is. I love antique glasses, and have a small collection (about 15) that I've had for a long time. When Corey (of tongue in cheek) displayed her glasses, I was amazed at the similarities and told her I would show some of mine.

I believe this is called a "porter", but I'm not sure. (18th C.)

A sherry glass

A trompe-l'oeil bistro glass (early 19th c) It has a false bottom that gives the impression there's more wine in it! I have a pair of these.

This glass is one of a pair; they are not quite the same size since they were made by hand. (Late 18th century)

And this one is 21st century!! Made in France, quite heavy, and I use it a lot for wine, even though it's a champagne glass.


  1. My glasses toast yours!

    I have some of the exact ones, they could be partners!

  2. So lovely - I have similar ones, including 18th-century and one 17th-century American wine glass. xo

  3. I love old glasses too - however, I don't have any as old as yours..I sometimes use mine as tea light holders. I do have a gorgeous set of glasses that were once peanut butter jars from the 1950's - all painted with Australian animals - that is how they came - and when empty & washed they became drinking glasses - I am lucky my mum saved them! I must share them oneday.

  4. I love seeing your beautiful vintage glasses. I bet they could tell a story or two!

  5. Let's toast to such gorgeous glassware! BTW: I lovved your watercolor collage from the other post!

  6. Fabulous glassware. I would have guessed that the last was a soda fountain glass. It's crying to be filled with and ice cream sundae.

  7. I love his post, isn't it amazing how wonderful a simple clear drinking glass can be. These are marvelous especially the very old ones! Just imagine who could have drank from them...
    Sandra Evertson

  8. These are so beautiful but so elegant in their simplicity. You have such excellent taste Colette! Do you use them? I agree, Corey's are very similar. She is another lady who has such great style! Hope you had a nice weekend. xxxooo

  9. such a lovely post - just came - from Corey's post with similar glasses and my David is talking about bringing out the glasses...

    oh yes dear - please do...

    xox - eb.

  10. The last one is the same as my mother's champagne glasses, old ones; you're collection is so nice!


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