Friday, September 21, 2007

Bon weekend!

[page from my journal: gone are the days when I could just sit in a park in the middle of Paris and do nothing!)

This weekend I will be working on a translation of a feature article; making artwork; calling family; doing yoga; grocery shopping; cleaning and laundry.

I do hope yours will be more exciting!


  1. Relaxing time. SOunds perfect to me!
    Love the collage.

  2. Lovely journal page. Sounds like you have a busy weekend. Take some time for yourself. xo

  3. you have been busy! I have had a wonderful weekend so far - yesterday, I had my long awaited Aboriginal Dreamtime treatment.. once I have digested it all, I will share - a truly amazing spiritual experience... my life is good xoxo

  4. doing artwork and yoga make for a wonderful weekend even if you're just at home!


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