Monday, September 24, 2007

I love Kansas

My sister, who has lived all over the United States because of her husband's work, says her preferred place to live was Overland Park. This is me with the Kansas Kid (see his sweater), Sam, now in his 20s.

Last night I watched a Hitchcock movie on AMC, and there was Kim Novak trying to convince Jimmy Stewart that she was from Salina. Which is of course where the Roesner family lives, my precious farmeress, and her collection of my artwork.

Tomorrow, one of my all-time favorite pieces to make, Ruby Slippers, is going to live in Topeka!!!

I love Kansas! I love that so much of my work is there!


  1. What a sweet post dear friend. That is one adorable Kansas boy and his mother...Topeka is our state capital! That is so cool Colette! Love you..xxxooo ps Have seen that Jimmy Stewart movie too :) Have you watched Picnic? Kim Novak and Bill was filmed here at the old mill in 1955 and some of the train tracks and elevators and fields are in the movie. My mother was pregnant with me when she went to watch the filming. Ooops, long comment.

  2. I thought that was your sis in the picture! You both look so much alike. You are an adorable Auntie.


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