Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday's child

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Continuing my thoughts about why I'm attracted to an older era, I realized that one thing is manners. One difference between then and now is manners.

Generally, there are a lot of bad manners out there. Yesterday I witnessed how a parent was mirroring bad manners to her child. She slammed a glass door in my face, even though she had turned around and seen me right behind her. As I pushed the door open, her little girl looked back at me, uncertain. She understood something was wrong, but then she skipped off with her mother. She will no doubt follow in her mother's footsteps because she is a child, and parents are "magical" at that stage, they are almighty and right in everything they do or say.

Good manners make every day life a little more pleasant. They acknowledge the presence of others, they show respect for one's fellow human being. But with TV shows encouraging people to be vile and backstabbing on TV with the promise of a million dollars, what do children learn? What do adults learn for that matter?


  1. That is appalling behavior! Maybe the fact that the little girl looked at you hesitating, for your response shows a glimmer of morality. I can't stand watching those type of TV shows. Manners and civility are a lost art. Love the yummy bunting! Have a peaceful weekend. :) xxxooo

  2. Good manners are key to everything, in my Southern upbringing. So sad about the woman and the little girl. Children learn what they see. On a brighter note,the bunting is gorgeous! xo

  3. I so agree about good manners in every way.... some children are not even taught the simple act of please and thank you anymore. Some people walk through life, like the woman you encountered, as if they are the only people in existence. It's really quite sad.

    I am behind in commenting but please know I think every single piece you have shown is LOVELY, just lovely. Have you been able to use up any of the fabric I sent you? I do believe I have more....the heavier stuff. Just say the word! :)
    Sending love and hugs and a THANK YOU for being you!

  4. I think the media of television has alot to answer for...and you so deserved the award.. I am not usually one that passes them on but this one just had to go to you xoxo

  5. beautiful works! I love them!

  6. I am right with you on the manners thing...the other day at a store, a boy of about 9 or 10 was passing between me and something I was looking at on a shelf, and actually said, "Oh, please excuse me." Wow! I turned around to his mother and said, "Excellent job on the manners, momma!" She beamed and said, "Oh thank you!" It was one of those moments you hope for as a parent, so I was proud of her. thanks for bringing this up!

    By the way, I LOOOVE the banners!!! looove them!

  7. This is such a lovely, gentle piece with the photos and lace on banner flags....very unique.

  8. Oh , Sister...I hear you talking! I witness this type of parenting,etc., every day. Rudeness, crassness, ZERO manners. Sad. And yes, Those stupid reality shows! Dear Gawd! Don't even get me started!.. THank you for bringing sweetness to the world with your darling collages and paintings!

  9. i completely agree with you... thats one reason i wanted to homeschool my children ... so i can teach them manners... its interesting i read this post of yours after i found this site... check it out!
    it has great stuff from the by-gone eras...
    have a great day!
    oh p.s. i love your art!

  10. This is such a good post. Manners and treating others well absolutely begins at an early age, and actions speak louder than any words when it comes to children.
    Great Blog!! ~ Rella

  11. Anonymous9:47 p.m.

    AMen !!!

  12. connie9:49 p.m.

    Amen Amen!!

  13. Seems like manners are fading but have you noticed that there are at least two companies using examples of courtesy towards others as a positive way to be towards each other. And that courtesy is infectious. It's a sad thing that we must get this lesson from a TV commercial but considering how badly it is taught by so many, then thank goodness children are getting it from somewhere. Let's just hope that some of them actually DO "get" it.

  14. Manners make all the difference.

  15. Colette~I so agree about the lack of manners in children (and adults) today. I recently listened to a wise teacher speak about how children should be taught the 3 "R"s ~
    1)Respect; 2)Responsibility; and 3)Resourcefulness. What a concept? One our parents did naturally. Lets all pray for our children, as it is they who will truly suffer.

  16. Good manners mean alot to me. I think we should be as kind as we can in this life and always consider others. gOOD pOST. Nita


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